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Digital Beamforming Architecture and Circuits

Conventional analog beamforming topologies, mostly narrowband, suffer from large area, high cost, and high power consumption, due to analog phase shifters and true time delay elements. Conversely, the advancement in digital signal processing, digital beamforming techniques offer more flexibility, while still they suffer from the large number of analog to digital converters (ADC), which exacerbates power consumption and overall size. This research introduces a novel transceiver architecture that permits agile beam forming and jamming mitigation, in addition to offering full MIMO capability. An essential aspect of the new architecture is its departure from the traditional approach of employing individual ADCs for each antenna element. Instead, a single ADC is assigned to a group of array elements, allowing significant reduction in back-end hardware.

Students Involved: E. A. Alwan, S. Balasubramanian, M. R. LaRue