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Dr. Abdelfattah Presents Power Converter at ISSCC 2018

CLASS alumni Dr. Moataz Abdelfattah, will present a switching power supply he designed at ISSCC 2018.  His power converter is unique because of the blending of power converter and RF techniques required. The presentation is titled 

An On-Chip Resonant-Gate-Drive Switched-Capacitor Converter for NearThreshold Computing Achieving 70.2% Efficiency at 0.92A/mm2 Current Density and 0.4V Output

M. Abdelfattah1 , M. Swilam1 , B. Dupaix2 , S. Smith1 , A. Fayed1 , W. Khalil 1

1 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; 2 Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH